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Торжественная встреча святынь прибывающих в г.Муствее

Dear brothers and sisters!

We hasten to share pleasant news! With the blessing of the Bishop of Narva and Peipsi Lazarus from 22 October in the main temple Prichudye Deanery of St. Nicholas in Mustvee will be available for the worship of these holy places: the icon of the Mother of God "Troeouchnitsa" hand-written by the monks of Mount Athos ...

Solemn meeting of the holy places arriving in Mestvo is scheduled for October 22 at 13.00. Every day, before the beginning of the Nativity Fast, in the church of St. Nicholas in Mustvee, will be committed to prayer Akathist to the Mother of God "trojeručica" the beginning of the prayer service 17.00. We invite all comers!

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Nektariya and much. Neofita Nicean and cross with relics St. Lazarus the Four Kition bishop, Svt. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian, St. Barbarians, the Holy Quran Theodora.

„Dear brothers and sisters! “

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